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We are currently working to acquire the former Tex-Mex Depot in Alice, TX.  The primary goal of this project is to preserve the depot and display railroad artifacts from the Tex-Mex Railroad.

If you are interested in this project, let us know.  We can use your support.

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SARHM to participate in the making of a new movie

STAR FILM RANCH - the new Motion Picture now in production by Millet Films LLC about the beginning of Western movies cir. 1910 and conditions near the borderland.  Star Film Ranch is about the famous French silent filmmakers George & Gaston Melies who included a venture in San Antonio from 1910 - 1911, where their company made 80 films distributed by Thomas Edison worldwide. This was the beginning of the “Western” motion picture that was filmed at the San Antonio Missions and ranches in Texas.  Most of which have been lost.  Originally a stressful transatlantic extension, the Star Film Production company and Gaston Melies presence in the US became a production company called Star Film Ranch, filming mostly Westerns.  Perhaps its most ambitious project was “The Immortal Alamo” — the first and ONLY film ever to be filmed at the real Alamo in San Antonio, approved by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas.  Adina de Zavala, who saved the Alamo's convento in 1908 was busy saving San Antonio's Franciscan Missions in 1910 when Gaston Melies and his actors - that included Francis Ford (older brother of famous director John Ford) and Edith Storey - began filming at those Spanish Missions. The Frenchmen were also hiring many Hispanics and Native Americans in these classic silent motion pictures in the San Antonio area, unlike the discrimination these people were facing throughout the State at this crucial time.  

STAR FILM RANCH silent motion picture filming SARHM May 25, 2019.jpg

STAR FILM RANCH - look for this Film to have a major impact in the near future.

More scenes for the “Star Film Ranch” motion picture to be filmed with members of San Antonio Railroad Heritage Museum SARHM at Locomotive 794 located at Sunset Station in San Antonio (9am) and also at the Elmendorf Heritage Railroad Museum 203 Bexar Avenue in Elmendorf, Texas (5pm) on Saturday, May 25, 2019.
Subject: Star Film Ranch director William F. Haddock. actors and crew film some scenes at Sunset Station in San Antonio, and at their ranch house across the San Antonio River from Hot Sulphur Well Resort during March 1910 for their first silent motion picture titled “Cyclone Pete”.

Note: Proceeds from all sales and worldwide distribution of ‘STAR FILM RANCH” will benefit SARHM.
Kindest regards,
William E Millet

150th Anniversary - Transcontinental Railroad Completion

  • Posted May 10th 2019, 12:01 AM
  • By IronHorse

Today marks the 150th Anniversary of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad.
The Union Pacific has been very busy during the last few years, restoring a steam locomotive that when they retired them from revenue service in 1959, they would never be operated again.
A few days again Big Boy UP4014, backed out of its stall in the UP Steam Shop in Cheyenne WY under its own power.  This is simply an awesome piece of railroading history that has been fully restored and is now back on the rails again.


Video shared by Jacob Narup

A few years ago, when the Southern Pacific and the Denver Rio Grand Railroads were still in operation, employees of both railroads staged their own re-enactment of the "Join of the Rails" which was published in the Business sction of one of the San Antonio newspapers (either the Light or the Express).

From the B.L. Miers personal collection

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