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I have been following the ALAMO since UP sold it in about 1972.  I have dozens of pix of the car and maybe a copy of the PULLMAN work order to build the car. …Highly detailed. A great car. Sadly brothers who inherited it could not agree on the time of day let alone selling the car. Cost the car dearly!

How did you get it ??

Decades ago, when i first tried to purchase the car in Houston, I worked up a plan how to move it out of the back yard and over to an old existing siding near a lumber yard. One brother said the neighbor would allow rolling over his property, etc.  Is this how you got it out? Or is it still sitting there??

Glad you have it……. fix the roof and window seals first. Then off you go…….. section out the siding…clean out the old insulation so it will not catch fire when you re weld new pcs.

I will be in ALBQ soon to see he 2926.  Retired so have the time.  Wish i was nearer. I would volunteer to get it back to shape.

Doug Brown
Crownsville, MD
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