Sponsored Junior Member

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Any individual between the ages of 10 and 17 may be a Sponsored Junior Member.  As the name of this category implies the individual must have a Sponsoring Member of either a Single Adult Member or the Primary Adult Member of a Family Membership.  The Sponsoring Member is accountable for the actions of the Sponsored Junior Member and will be with the Sponsored Junior Member at all times while at any SARHM facility or function.
Voting Privileges:  None
Membership Term:  1 year

Please fill out a membership application and email it to membership @ sarhm.net or mail it to our membership coordinator:  NOTE:  Sponsoring member needs to be identified on the application and also sign the form.
Attn:  Membership
San Antonio Railroad Heritage Museum
PO Box 794
Elmendorf TX 78112 

Price: $15.00

Product code: MBR-SJM

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