We are excited that you are here.  We have set up this area so that you have the convenience of Making Donations, pay your membership dues online or shopping in our online Company Store.  

If you have any problems while using our online Company Store, please click the Join button and create an online account with us, and then create a website support ticket in our forums with as much detailed information that you can provide to identify the problem.  We will do our best to resolve the problem and contact you when it has been resolve.

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Membership Dues

We thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the San Antonio Railroad Heritage Museum Family!  That is right, Family.  Family because we are Family Friendly and because we have so many different opportunities that nobody gets left out!

Our activities include:
  • History and how the railroad impacted our communities.  
  • Restoration or refurbishing old railroad equipment, or railroad structures
  • Model Railroading (HO and N scales primarily, however some of our members model other scales as well)
  • and much more
So come on and download the Membership application and join us today! 

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Donations - Yes, we can use your help!

In order to do what we do, we need your financial assistance. 
We have several projects going on at any one time.  Unfortunately, they all require something in order to complete them.  The projects listed in this area require money to purchase materials, parts, or specialized tools.  We have set up this area so that you can choose what you want to help with.

We understand that some do not use online transactions.  That is fine, If you would prefer, please send a check to the following:

P.O. Box 794
Elmendorf TX 78112

Please include the Item ID in the Memo on your check.

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