Help us Move the Alamo

We are glad that you are here!  Thank you for your interest in our efforts to Bring the Southern Pacific business railcar #127 "Alamo" back to the Alamo City, San Antonio, TX.

We need to raise a total $22,500 $15,000 so that the car can be moved by November 1st!  If we cannot raise the money, the car will, unfortunately, fall into the hands of the scrapper and his torch and will be lost to everyone.

Note:  The total amount needed has changed because of renegotiations with the mover and also route changes.
As of 12:30 PM, October 9th, We have raised $6,874.00.
$8,126.00 To Go!
Photographs by Bob Pecotich, Courtesy of the Scott Inman collection

Please share this link with everyone you know that could possibly help.  No donation to is too small!

The funds contributed through this page and by corporate donations will only be attributed to the costs of the movement of the #Alamo127 from its present location in Houston, TX to San Antonio.