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We have a great challenge to raise money in order to pay for the placement of the #Alamo127 on the museum grounds in Elmendorf, Texas.
We have different ways that you can contribute:
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  • or Check or Money Order
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    PO Box 794
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Any amount and every donation will help and will be greatly appreciated!
The gauge shows funds that have been collected so far from GoFundMe, our site and collected cash made in person.
 Donation Levels
Baron $5,000
Superintendent $2,000
Dispatcher $1,000
Yard Master $500
Station Master $250
Conductor $100
Engineer $50
Fireman $25
Brakeman $20
Switchman $10
Gandy Dancer $5
Here are our current stats
  #Alamo127 Donations
The concept of the San Antonio Railroad Heritage Museum (SARHM) was laid out in 2001, and we have been meticulously refining and working on it ever since. Even though our concept is not new and has been done before, preserving our railroad heritage for future generations is very important to us and our community.  We are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501©(3) Non-profit educational organization.
SP #260 (San Antonio and Aransas Pass #60) Gonzales, Texas
Photo by A.E. Brown May 8,1953Used by Permission.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the SARHM, is to promote interest in various railroad related activities including, but not limited to, railroad operations, railroad history, railroad restoration, and preservation (to include railroad equipment and structures), and to display local railroad history (heritage) for the local populous, San Antonio tourists, and SARHM's membership.

Our Mission

The mission of SARHM is to inform and educate the public about the rich railroad history of San Antonio and the South Texas region, by offering a historical look at the economic and cultural impact that the operations of the railroads had on the past. Further, SARHM will look at how the railroad affects the region today and will continually look forward toward how the railroad will affect the future of our region.

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Surprises in SP Alamo


"The Alamo" business car has many surprises hidden away in the depths of its interior.  In one of the four staterooms, in a closet, a paper bag was found with a stack of kitchen towels.  These towels are marked SOUTHERN PACIFIC and PULLMAN.  Most of the towels are in mint condition but only yellowed from years of storage.

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